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Educational Flat Earth

“WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED?” Review: A Journey Beyond Reality

The Premise and Controversy “WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED?” is a comprehensive eight-hour video essay that takes its audience on an enlightening,

A panoramic view of a flat horizon from high up in the sky, with blue skies and clouds.

Debunking Flat Earth Claims

The video “Flat Earth in 5 Minutes” has gained attention for its claims that the Earth is flat, but a closer examination reveals flaws in their

Old flat earth map of the world
Documentaries Educational

Flat Earth Truth: Introduction to Eric Dubay’s Video

As a passionate Flat Earther, I am thrilled to share Eric Dubay’s groundbreaking video, which sheds light on the misconceptions and misinformation

Image of the ocean horizon showing a straight line, proving that the earth is flat

The Natural Physics of Water: Proof of Flat Earth

The Natural Physics of Water: How it Proves the Flat Earth Theory As flat-earth believers, we understand the fundamental physical properties of water and

Lighthouse in the distance, proof of Flat Earth with a book and calculator

How Book and Calculator Prove Flat Earth: The Lighthouse Proof

The Lighthouse Proof is a compelling argument made by Flat Earthers that the Earth is not a globe but a flat plane. This proof is based on measurements and

Image of the ice wall in Antarctica, believed by some to be the edge of the flat Earth

Flat Earth Explained in 5 Minutes

The Flat Earth Theory: The Flat Earth Theory: Debunking the Spherical Model The flat earth theory has been a topic of controversy for many years. The idea

The Lost History of Flat Earth video cover
Educational Lost History

Ewaranon’s Flat Earth History: Uncovering Hidden Truths

Unraveling Ewaranon’s Engrossing Research The Lost History of Flat Earth, an engrossing collection of investigative work by Ewaranon, challenges

Flat Earth model with sun and moon, representing the historical belief in a non-spherical Earth

Unraveling the Mystery of Flat Earth: A Comprehensive History

Introduction For millennia, humans believed in a flat Earth, and even today, some people still hold onto this belief. To understand the history,

Flat Earth Model with 200 Proofs
Educational Flat Earth

Debunking the Spinning Ball Earth: Analyzing 200 Proofs by Eric Dubay

Unraveling Established Beliefs At the crossroads of knowledge and belief, it is pivotal to scrutinize universally accepted views while also welcoming

Image depicting a wolf in sheep's clothing, symbolizing the deceptive nature of the globe earth theory

The Truth About the Flat Earth Theory

A Historical Perspective: The Roots of the Globe Earth Lie For too long we have been living under the spell of the greatest lie of all time – the